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What is crowd link building and why is it effective in SEO promotion?

It goes without saying that backlinks are one of the ranking factors. They assist a lot in increasing the authority of a website, improving rankings in search results, attracting potential clients as well as making the brand more recognizable. So, you can get backlinks in several ways, namely:
by means of registering in directories

By means of registering in directories

via creating viral create content that will spread across social networks and news sites

Via creating viral, create content that will spread across social networks and news sites

writing guest articles

By writing guest articles

Banner and contextual advertising are not the only options for monetizing a site. You can also sell links on your website and buy links for your website profitably. Links are one of the most important ranking factors in search engines. Manual publication of a link is not recommended since it is a labor-intensive task. The best option is to use special backlinks-stores that offer strict selection of donors and monitoring the quality of links to them. You can also buy it on our website.

What Are the Peculiarities of Crowd Links?

As a rule, such links are posted on websites and forums where you can ask questions. For example, a person asks what company other people used or what store they shopped at on the weekends. An Internet user appears who writes a detailed comment and leaves a link to a specific store or service. That's what crowd marketing is all about. However, the links have several differences from the classic purchased URL. So, any crowd links are characterized by the following features:
Most often without anchor

About 90% of all crowd links do not have an anchor. This makes them more natural for search engines

Left by a living user

Links are posted by real people in various discussions on forums

Complements the message rather than being the main part of it

There is no content just for the sake of a backlink. Crowd links complement the content and are live

Corresponds to the topic of the thread in which it was posted

It is very important that the subject of the backlink donor is similar to the subject of your web project

Written into the commentary to look as lively and natural as possible

Google and other search engines are great at indexing real live links from discussions and comments

What Are the Main Problems Crowd Links Solve?

For a start, Crowd Marketing constitutes hidden advertising that fits as organically as possible on sites where potential clients browse. High quality links assist you a lot in achieving steadily growing traffic to your resource, which simultaneously improves your site's SEO performance. To cut a long story short, the more such backlinks (doors), the more transitions to the official page there will be and, accordingly, the number of leads and clients will increase. Let's have a look at the problems that crowd link building solves.

Where Are Crowd Marketing Technologies in Demand?

The following categories are best suited for this method of getting backlinks:

  • News portals: they increase traffic and reader activity.
  • Online storesdigital marketing helps them attract more customers and increase awareness.
  • Corporate websites: it assists in increasing the response rates of visitors on the browser site.
  • Online services can attract more potential customers through crowd marketing.
  • Blogs: bloggers make use of crowd marketing to expand their audience and increase engagement.
  • Single page sites can also use this method.

So, as you see practically all areas of business that are focused on SEO promotion need to build a high-quality portfolio of backlinks. However, this technology is not suitable for everyone for its effectiveness directly depends on a number of factors, including:

  • regionality;
  • subject;

In other words, the more matches the marketing object has, the more successful the result will be. Besides, for the method to work, it has to correspond to the theme of the site and the interests of the target audience. It is essential that the content is consistent with the topic and audience. Meanwhile, crowd marketing is suitable for:

  • companies that cannot get to the top of search traffic, so additional mentions can drive traffic;
  • companies producing complex products, since backlinks can be an additional source of information;
  • startups and small companies about which nothing is known for you will be able to get the attention of potential clients and manage your reputation;
  • companies with a controversial product as backlinks can help you identify and counter objections from potential clients.

How to Pick Out a Platform to Launch a Crowd Marketing Campaign?

The popularity of crowd links is due to the fact that when placed in the right place at the right time, they bring not only benefits in the context of SEO promotion but also have significant potential for increasing the right behavioral factor. First of all, to successfully launch a crowd marketing campaign, it is highly important to choose the right platforms where your message will be most effective. Here are the main categories.

Recommendations and Review Sites

Such websites are specialized resources where Internet users share their personal opinions and reviews about various products and services. The fact is that placing information on such resources can both increase the influx of customers and lead to a negative reaction from the target audience.

Thematic Forums

Despite the decreasing popularity of this format, there are still several dozen forums on the Internet that are dedicated to topics that interest Internet users. Here, you can easily promote your unique brand through creating new topics, commenting on posts and actively participating in online discussions.

Social Media Promotion

This method of advertising your business is one of the most powerful techniques. Such platforms are extremely popular among the youngsters and adults. Here, viral advertising, native posts and comments can quickly attract thousands of subscribers to your group or page. By the way, it is easier to turn a loyal audience into regular customers.

General Rating Platforms and Social Signals

On these portals, Internet users are free to leave their reviews about companies, products or services, which helps form independent ratings. What counts here is that such websites can be effectively used in your crowd marketing strategies.

Question-Answer Sites

In these online resources, users ask their questions on various topics and receive several answers from other audience members. For instance, a service visitor may ask the question: “Where can I buy Chinese-made watches?” Site members provide answers in the comments and offer links to websites and online stores where you can purchase this product. As part of your marketing strategy, you can also post your own questions and stimulate discussion among your site's audience.


Such websites have informative articles and news published by either individual authors or companies. So, users have the opportunity to leave comments. As part of your marketing strategy, you can write comments on articles and use backlinks to hint at solutions to the problems described in them, directing users to your company's website.

Reference Books/Directories

In online directories, you can create a company card with a description of its activities and an active SEO link to your website.

General Markets

These are well-known application portals, where you can also leave reviews and thereby form their rating.

Basic Crowd Marketing Strategies

In practice, a crowd marketer uses three main schemes, namely: classic strategy, competitor tracking, extraction of organic links.

First strategy

The first is the simplest option, which works well for popularizing the brand. First, you need to select a product or service page. To do this, you should find thematic platforms on the Internet and register on them. After that, feel free to post with links. The marketer’s task includes creating posts with thematic content, posting, searching for new discussions, responding to comments, and pumping up your account.

Second strategy

As for the second strategy, crowd technologies can effectively work on the SEO parameters of a resource. The algorithm is nearly the same. First, register on the site, then find a discussion on the topic and give a detailed answer. Do not forget to show the solution, that is the link. Marketers often play tricks by creating multiple accounts and simulating a live discussion to attract site users to the topic. Natural links will surely assist you in indexing your site faster, increasing its importance in the search engine, as well as boosting visitor engagement.

Third strategy

Considering the third strategy, it should be noted that this is one of the ways to use other people’s experiences in your promotion. The main thing here is to collect backlinks from competitors using special services. Next, find the sites where they are located and continue along the same lines: register, post and communicate through text massages.

It is advisable to publish crowd links on a resource that is relevant to your area of business or related to the topic of discussion. Testing non-related topics sometimes also brings good results, so do not completely abandon them. For example, you don’t need to promote notebooks in the kitchen appliances topic, but you can promote notebooks in the school textbooks section.

How Does Crowd Marketing Function?

Crowd links in modern SEO are an important part of optimization. They are positively perceived by search engines, as they look as natural as possible. The algorithm for launching crowd marketing is quite simple.

Finding the right resources to post

First of all, look for a thematic blog, forum, community or site on the Internet where topics, products or services similar to yours are discussed. In most cases, the target audience is located on such a resource. Pay attention to the record history, namely if the updates were a long time ago, then the “patient” is more likely dead than alive.

Creation of unique natural texts

Create the most natural message text and backlinks from news sites. Remember that each website needs its own unique post, so don’t copy it. Repeating is strictly prohibited. In the text, focus on the usefulness of the material and the natural presentation of information in the language of the audience.

Natural backlink placement

Try to publish a link to the website of the product or company as naturally as possible. Don’t use the CTA technique. Keep in mind that crowd technology is not contextual advertising.

Participate in the discussion

Then post a text (a message) with a link on the chosen site. Make sure to participate in discussions as well as filter out the negativity. Get used to the fact that you are not the only crowd marketer on the platform.

When Can I Expect Results from Crowd Marketing?

The fact is that the answer here is individual. The period when you can analyze the results of crowd marketing is approximately 2-3 months. Traffic volumes and sales growthdepend on the chosen niche and the number of published links as well.

For instance, for an online store of household appliances to get a noticeable effect from the technology, it should post 200-250 links on only one group of products on a thematic platform. The opposite example: to sell tableware, it is enough to publish 40-50 links.

If done correctly, these links look natural and can promote your resource. Users click on them, showing some activity on your site, thereby improving behavioral factors and positions in search engines. They can also order a service or product.

Why Buy Crowd Backlinks in Our Store?

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Difficulties of independent crowd link building

Doing crowd link building yourself requires a lot of effort and time. To do this, you need to select different sites, create and even upgrade accounts on them, write texts as well as post them. Moreover, you need to avoid getting confused in your accounts and store all your logins and passwords somewhere. This will allow you to achieve the greatest interest of the target audience, because you know their needs like no one else.

Nevertheless, don’t count on an avalanche of traffic from your comments. The maximum you can achieve by working personally is a few natural links and a small increase in traffic. This method is ideal for small businesses.

Many incompetent freelancers

Entrusting crowd link building to a freelancer is not difficult, but there is a possibility that the person does not have a good understanding of the topic, which means it can take a lot of time to train him/her as well as bring him/her up to speed. That is, when hiring a remote employee, you take on the risk that he/she will:

  • not study the product;
  • disappear without prepayment;
  • nobly refuse to complete the project;
  • simply disappear;
  • do a hack job and the like.
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