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Dominate Search Results with Premium PBN Backlinks from

Have you heard a lot about PBN backlinks, and perhaps you know that it is effective? Doubts about legality, high price, quality and the risk of being blocked in search engines are the main reasons why you are lower than your competitors in search. will try to dispel all myths and doubts. You will learn that buying high quality PBN backlinks with high DA is easy, fast and most importantly cheap

Why buy backlinks from Private Blog Networks (PBN)?

The Importance of PBN Backlinks in Modern Backlink Strategies

PBN Backlinks to a website play an important role in building link strategies of our time. Blogging networks include private sites of various topics and niches that are a source of safe and high-quality backlinks. There is a lot of debate on the Internet about the risks associated with the harm of mass link building, but most people confuse the white hat with the black hat. PBN Backlinks are white hat and safe to promote your project.

One of the reasons they are important is their ability to improve your SEO ranking in search engines. The relevance of your web business or website along with authority always improves its position with PBN Backlinks. As a result, this allows you to achieve a high ranking in the search engine results page (SERP). We must not forget about an important indicator called Domain Authority (DA). The more points your Website scores, the higher the rating. Buying Private Blog Networks backlinks increases your DA quickly and effectively.

Moreover, PBN backlinks allow you to have very precise control over your link building. You can select a feature article for placement of advertising articles, specify specific anchor text, and select optimal graphics and images. This customized approach to link building will allow you to intelligently align your SEO strategy with the end result. Using PBN backlinks you can get maximum effect with minimal effort.

By what principle do PBN backlinks work for SEO promotion?

The authority and relevance of private blogs is the main benefit of buying PBN backlinks for your business. Undoubtedly, in the modern Internet world, the number of backlinks has ceased to play a big role in website promotion. Much more important is their quality and subject. Let's look at the basic principles by which PBN backlinks work and how these links comply with modern search engine promotion standards

The principle of authority

The main principle of effective operation of backlinks from blog networks is the high authority of the blogs from which the link is placed. Typically, website authority is measured by popular indicators: MOZ Domain Authority Vs. Ahrefs Domain Rating. Using these indicators, you can determine the quantity and quality of backlinks to the site. PBN backlinks are placed on blogs with high DA and DR and a significant amount of authority is often transferred to your site

One Niche Principle

The theme of the blogs on which you place backlinks to your company plays a huge role. This is a very important principle of how BPN links work. The sites match your niche and post various articles about your business. Search engines love this method of linking sites and consider it the most organic. This makes your sites appear higher in search results.

The principle of fast indexing

PBN backlinks are usually placed on older sites with a lot of age. Search engines value such sites highly and quickly index any changes. When placing a backlink to your project, indexing is very fast and efficient. This is the main advantage and one of the principles of flawless operation of PBN backlinks for the rapid promotion of your sites

The principle of live traffic

Articles that are posted on your site in blog networks are usually advisory in nature. They describe all the advantages of your business and often advise you to follow a link to your website and order your services. Advertising + Analysis of your site gives 100% real live traffic. This helps you grow quickly on Google and increase your sales. The principle of live traffic is the most interesting method of promoting your website

The principle of geometric progression

This principle means an increase in efficiency exponentially in relation to the investment in PBN backlinks. You pay once and simply provide a link to your site, location and niche. As a result, you get many unique articles on reputable topical sites. This contributes to the explosive growth of your site in search engines

Durability principle

You can count on a long-lasting effect from the purchased PBN backlinks to your site. According to statistics, after 5 years, 90% of backlinks and blog network articles placed on your site are retained. This continues to bring enormous benefits to your site. By investing in backlinks from blog networks you are buying authority for your site for years to come.

You have become familiar with the basic principles of PBN backlinks, and now you know how they work. However, there is a very important limitation that you must observe. A very sharp increase in backlinks to your site can attract attention from search engines. We recommend that you buy backlinks from blog posts slowly and gradually, and do not buy many links at once. Our specialists will create a safe link strategy for your website for free, which will indicate how many backlinks you need to buy per month – International backlinks store

Safe Interval for Buying Backlinks

1 month

Duration of active link building

1 year

PBN domains for one-time purchase

Maximum 25

Total number of backlinks per purchase

Maximum 100


Safe purchase limits for PBN backlinks

The easiest and safest way to effectively buy backlinks from the blog network is to follow our link strategy, which we will create for your site for free when purchasing any product on our site. In any case, you should not buy link building more than once a month.

A sharp increase in backlinks to your site may cause suspicion from Google and other search engines. A universal safe link strategy is to gradually and regularly link to your site once a month for a year. However, in order not to lose your position in the search, you need to engage in link building constantly.

How to choose the right PBN backlinks?

Check out our tips for analyzing blog networks yourself – International backlinks store

Checking the amount of spam on sites

High site authority does not always mean that backlinks from it will be highly effective. It is very important to check the amount of spam on your blog grids. Unscrupulous webmasters can generate many keywords automatically or add a huge number of outgoing links. This significantly affects the level of spam and makes a backlink from such a resource very ineffective. Always check this metric using Moz's Spam Score or Majestic's Trust Flow online services. PBN backlinks should be from low spam sites

Checking the uniqueness of content in a PBN

In addition to analyzing for spam, you need to make sure that the content on PBN sites is unique. This is very important for building proper link building. If the articles in blog grids are not unique or are completely generated by artificial intelligence, then this will reduce their effectiveness to zero. Search engines have a very negative attitude towards copying materials and refuse to rank such information. In addition to being unique, the content should be interesting, easy to read, and fully cover the topic. Consider these factors when building your link profile

Uniqueness of the text - no less than 90%
Watery - No more than 40%

Checking the IP of each PBN site

Search engines may perceive PBN backlinks as a violation of the rules if the entire network of blogs is located on one IP address. This will be perceived as an intention to artificially create identical sites to manipulate search results. The verification is carried out automatically using Google algorithms and neural networks. Therefore, it is very important that each site is on a separate IP address and is perceived as a separate project, and not a network of blogs

What is Footprint free PBN?

We have already discussed the importance of IP addresses in blog networks. Of course, they should be different on each site. But there are other characteristics by which search engine algorithms can determine a network of sites. Footprint is a unique set of data including IP addresses, WHOIS data, site templates, hosting, etc.

WHOIS data matches can be perceived as a group of identical sites created to manipulate search results. Common domains are also easily identified and can be discovered. The structure of the site, namely the same templates in the blog grid, will negatively affect link promotion.

Footprint-Free PBN are a group of sites that are completely different from each other in all technical and content characteristics. Such a network of private blogs cannot be detected by Google and will 100% be perceived as completely different sites. Our specialists use only Footprint Free PBN and you can safely engage in link building for your online business

Benefits of buying PBN backlinks on

We follow all the nuances when placing backlinks in blog networks

Maximum Safety

We very carefully analyze all sites that will be included in the blog network. Each site is located on a separate hosting with a dedicated IP address and has a long history and reputation. PBN is more of an advertising brand name in our case, because essentially you are buying a powerful backlink on dedicated individual sites. All blogs are checked by special services and manually by our specialists. The technical condition of the sites plays an important role and you are provided with real projects that are maintained and will not be abandoned after a while

Free link strategy

When you order PBN backlinks on ours, we analyze your project for free and provide a high-quality link strategy. By following this strategy, you can effectively buy backlinks for maximum results in search results. It specifies what types of backlinks you should buy, with what frequency, and to which specific pages. In addition to recommendations for links, the strategy contains advice on technical optimization of your site, finalizing content and creating additional sections of the site for new search queries.

Full report

In addition to the free link strategy and indexing, we provide you with a complete documentary report at the end of the work with all the data about your order. You will have complete information about the domains that host backlinks to your site. The characteristics of each PBN site will be included in the report and you will be able to monitor this data at any time. Our full report will also help you do your own additional analyzes and experiments to complement your link promotion with new opportunities.

A look into the future

Undoubtedly, technical and content analysis of the site is very important. But no less important is the business plan of the site that is hosted as a PBN. If a site is made only to sell links, it is a bad project that will be closed as soon as it reaches a high level of spam. We analyze the business processes of blogs and select only promising projects that value their reputation and whose owners are interested in developing their site. You will feel the results from backlinks for many years. This is the best investment you can make for your online business.

Free backlink indexing

We have our own service for indexing backlinks in Google and provide this service free of charge to all clients who buy link building on our website. After posting articles with links to your resource on PBN projects, we launch our technical tools for indexing links. Many clients, after purchasing link promotion, are faced with the problem of these links appearing in Google Console. Our free indexing gives 100% results and all your backlinks will be noticed by Google

Huge selection of niches and locations

You already know that niche and topic play a big role when ordering PBN backlinks. However, geography and location are also of great importance when link promotion of your site. We have at our disposal a huge database of network blogs from different countries and a variety of niches. You can choose link building specifically for your business and it will be very effective. After all, search engines rank you higher in search results when the topics and location of sites linking to you coincide with the niche and geography of your company

How does the quality of content in blog networks affect SEO results?

Expert articles and reviews on your business from blog networks are the most motivating source of traffic to your business. In addition to improving your site's search rankings, professional content gives your project a huge number of benefits. Traffic, Authority, Link Juice, Regularity, Stability, Quality.

Now imagine that there are many such review articles, and they are posted on PBN sites according to all the rules. The result will be stunning. You will have a competitive advantage on all key business indicators. We create expert content for you and select the best PBN sites in the world

“High quality content can work for you for many years. This is the best investment in your business” - BUY REALLY SAFE AND EFFECTIVE SEO BACKLINKS
Traffic growth in Google after PBN backlinks

Traffic growth in Google after PBN backlinks

Explosive traffic growth in Google after purchasing PBN backlinks on our website. By following all the rules for the correct placement of link building in blog networks, you get quick and SAFE results. Why is Google increasing traffic so quickly? The fact is that you place backlinks to your project as part of unique expert content and on dedicated Internet blogs that are perceived by search engines as separate sites. This is a legal and effective method of website promotion that is approved by the rules of most search engines. Google compares your site to your competitors and promotes you higher in search results based on powerful backlinks leading to your business.

Factors that Google analyzes:

  1. Unique expert blog content
  2. Number of clicks on the backlink
  3. Domain age on PBN sites
  4. Permanence of the Internet resource
  5. Spam level
  6. Footprint matches
  7. Niche and Location
  8. More than 100 other factors that no one knows about

Will PBN still work in 2024?

Many people believe that backlinks from private blog networks are outdated and no longer work. This may be due to the negative experience of using low-quality backlinks, from which the buyer did not receive results. Also, many violate the basic rules and principles of building PBN backlinks, which we wrote about above.

When Google determines that a network of sites is located on the same IP address, the content is not unique and the site is of poor quality, then the result of link building may be zero. This is why there are stereotypes that PBN backlinks no longer work. In fact, nothing has changed, the requirements for site grids have simply increased.

Now, you need to strictly follow all the rules for building site grids. Moreover, with proper link building using PBN backlinks, the result is superior to previous years. We can say that every year the effectiveness of professional PBN sites is growing. Therefore, it is very important to turn to professionals for promotion, who will do everything as efficiently as possible and without errors.

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Check out our tips for analyzing blog networks yourself – International backlinks store