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Navigating the Evolution of Backlink Acquisition in the Digital Era

The acquisition of backlinks on a website is traditionally viewed as an organic process, where a webmaster naturally links to content they find valuable or relevant. However, in today’s digital landscape, backlinks can also be obtained through financial transactions, such as purchasing high-quality backlinks through guest blogging opportunities. Old-fashioned methods, such as simply posting links in a list on a website or bulk link spamming, are outdated and ineffective.
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Not quantity, but quality

Nowadays, the quality of backlinks to a site is much more important than their quantity.

Context became important

It is very important that backlinks are contextually embedded in the text

Live clicks on backlinks

Live topical traffic from your backlinks makes your site more authoritative

I want to buy backlinks, but for what?

External backlinks are one of the key factors in ranking a site in search results for search engines. The significance of this factor is not reliably known, and marketers continue to argue. The most common opinion says that recently the importance of backlinks has decreased, but search engines continue to raise the website's ranking using these factors.

A study of more than a billion pages on the Internet has been conducted on the well-known Ahrefs platform. As a result, it turned out that the lack of backlinks to the site most likely hinders promotion. According to the statistics, 66.31% of sites do not have a single backlink, 26.29% of sites have up to three links. All these sites receive almost no traffic from Google.

It is believed that increasing the number and building links gives a lot of positive results and the search engine rankings work effectively. Are you interested? So, buy backlinks and start using them. We provide link building services and sell ready-made working directions. - BUY REALLY SAFE AND EFFECTIVE SEO BACKLINKS

How types of products you can buy from us?

Not all links are the same and have equal weight. Let's highlight the main varieties:


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Web 2.0

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Social Media Backlinks

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Contextual backlinks

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BackLinks Pyramids

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Blog Comments BackLinks

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Wiki BackLinks

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Directory Submission

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Bookmark Backlinks

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EDU Backlinks

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GOV Backlinks

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Google Play Backlinks

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Technical Types of Backlinks

Not all links are the same and have equal weight. Let’s highlight the main varieties:

  • Nofollow. By default, a link of this type does not transfer its weight to another site. For Google, it serves more as a hint — sometimes it works as an assistant in ranking. However, such links are practically useless for high-quality SEO promotion.
  • Dofollow. Here we can hope for global advancement. Such links form a transfer of PageRank‘s trust to another site on the resource. Google takes such links well into account in the ranking of your site.
  • Sponsored. This implies links to guest posts, which you receive mainly from bloggers and well-known sites. In this way, they tell Google that the money, product, or service was received in exchange for the link. For SEO, such backlinks are quite relevant, while search algorithms can limit the site to which too many links of this kind will point. 
  • UGC. Such links are placed not by the webmaster, but by ordinary users. For example, you receive them in correspondence on a forum or on a social network. This is a working ranking — links are appreciated for gaining the desired mass.
  • Highly authoritative. Here we mean links coming from absolutely reliable sources — for example, the New York Times, the Washington Post. Search engines will trust them 100%. 
  • Toxic. Links that relate to clear violations of Google’s rules. This is paid or sponsored content, but without a corresponding tag. These also include links from low-quality catalogs or phishing ones. Toxic links seriously harm the ranking of the site. 

To summarize. Nofollow and Sponsored links are the most useful and safe for SEO promotion. It is quite difficult to achieve highly authoritative links, and UgCS arouse suspicion in search engines if they appear in large numbers. However, you can buy backlinks in our online store with a quality guarantee.

How to choose and buy buy backlinks cheap

By 2024, the era of SEO promotion, when you could get into the TOP just by buying backlinks, was a thing of the past. Now, buying backlinks in the long run can be harmful if the content is purchased from unscrupulous sellers. But there are some industries where a backlink profile is needed. For example, businesses in finance, insurance and gambling buy backlinks by the millions. Therefore, marketers recommend buy backlinks, but you should consider several important nuances.

Safety first

It makes sense to purchase links on the principle of “do no harm” — so that the site does not lose its position in the search results due to such a purchase. Therefore, it is worth giving up dubious sites. Ideally, you should also ignore link exchanges and freelance sites like Fiverr, focusing on affiliate content, unboxing, and the like. However, natural and so-called correct ways delay the promotion of the site for several years. Therefore, you need to give up questionable purchases and trust professionals to sell backlinks.


The sites must be visited, otherwise it makes no sense to buy links to them. You can safely discard all sites with an attendance of less than 500 people per day. The exception is if the website owners are promoting a very specific product, where there is basically a small industry.

The quality of the reference mass

It can be checked using the site authority analyzer, for example, on Ahrefs. The site’s DR Ahrefs must be at least 20. On the backlink exchange, sellers often indicate this indicator when buying. 

Subject matter

The donor site and the promoted site must match the topic. It is worth noting that the theme sites are running out pretty quickly. Alternatively, you can use the media or expand the topic.

The ratio of the number of links to the number of indexed pages

The smaller it is, the better — ideally no more than 30%. But this applies to small budgets. If you decide to buy more expensive and reputable publications, then this parameter can be ignored. 

The location of the placement

Buying the placement of links in a footer or sidebar is a waste of money. It is optimal if the backlink is placed on the main page, albeit temporarily. And then it will be moved to the sections of the site.

It is worth noting that there are almost no link exchanges in the English—speaking segment of the Internet - Google bans them. In the USA and Europe, backlinks fiverr are relevant — this method is quite controversial, since the freelancer does not guarantee the fulfillment of his obligations, you have to take his word for it. Another option is to cooperate directly with website owners and bloggers. There are more guarantees here, but it may be more difficult to contact them — not everyone constantly checks social networks or emails. The best option is to purchase external backlinks in trusted stores with a guarantee of correct ranking and correct perception by search engines. – International backlinks store

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Currency supported


Currency exchanged



Google algorithm: rules, nuances

The mechanics of search are constantly changing and what is familiar now did not work in the early years of the Internet. Today, backlinks are the basis for determining the credibility of web pages, but in 1998 it was a revolutionary proposal. It was then that Google developed the PageRank algorithm, which offered a systematic approach: the number of incoming links acted as a ranking factor.

By the way, the original patent for this algorithm expired after 20 years of existence. What do you think, does PageRank play any role in ranking today, if so, what exactly? In this article, we analyze the history of the algorithm and its formula, and also figure out how relevant the evaluation of the reference profile, which was initiated by PageRank, is.

What is PageRank?

PageRank is a ranking algorithm that evaluates the number and quality of links leading to web pages. Google engineers Sergey Brin and Larry Page developed this algorithm in 1998. Then the development became a breakthrough for the functioning of the search, as the search engine for the first time evaluated the credibility of the pages.

The engineers themselves said that PageRank aims to ``streamline the web space`` by balancing forces between pages. The algorithm was based on a conditional ``random Internet user`` who navigates from one page to another by clicking on links. The PageRank of a page is a parameter of the probability that a random Internet user will click on it. The score was calculated in the range from 0 to 10: the higher it is, the higher the authority of the page.

PageRank has become an attempt to objectively evaluate pages in accordance with the subjective behavior of users. Agree, it is natural that the more often a page is referenced, the more useful it is for people looking for information.

The algorithm also takes into account the authority of the referring sources: the higher the PageRank score of a particular page, the more weight it will transfer to another page that it links to.


The PageRank panel in the browser and link manipulation

In 2000, Google added a special panel with PageRank to browsers and it was possible to find out the rating of any site. However, public access to the assessment has led to manipulation and artificial modeling of PageRank. Sites tried to get more links from highly rated pages and the demand for buying links grew up to the creation of link farms. 

Such an understanding of the PageRank algorithm did not represent a far-sighted SEO approach, because in obtaining backlinks, it is important not only their quantity and the conditional quality of the referring resource. Other indicators are important: context, relevance and naturalness.

Google tried to identify and stop manipulations with PageRank. As a result, the publicly available panel was closed in 2016. There are still services that calculate the PageRank score and offer sites to install a badge with this score, but this is no longer relevant. The algorithm is still involved in the ranking of pages, but it is impossible to find out the real rating of your own or an external page.

The nofollow value

The manipulative practices of getting links were not only related to the availability of PageRank ratings. The spam links in the comments worked to promote the site. Accordingly, the search engines understood that they needed to stop fraud somehow. In 2005, Google and other search engines introduced the nofollow value for the rel attribute. He tells search bots not to follow the link, and therefore not to transfer the link weight. Manipulative techniques have not exhausted themselves on this. Sites started using nofollow so that other links would gain more weight against the background of links with this value.


Even with nofollow, the links left in the comments presented a problem. In 2019, Google added a new attribute value specifically for such links — UGC (user-generated content), literally meaning “user-generated content”. Now many blogs and forums automatically mark any links in comments as UGC, and nofollow is used for deliberately affixed external links, the authority of which you do not want to signal to search engines.

Updated PageRank algorithm

In 2004, Google published an updated PageRank patent based on the “rational Internet user” model. It was also suggested that the potential of clicking on a link affects the quality of that link. For example, links placed in the first part of the page content or links with clear and informative anchor texts are usually more visible to users. Therefore, the probability of clicking on the link is also taken into account when evaluating the credibility of the pages.

In addition, in 2006, Google developed a new credibility assessment system: several resources with the highest level of trust (seed pages, literally “grain pages”) are identified and all other pages on the network are evaluated based on them.

An example of an authoritative page is The New York Times: this site hosts materials on various topics that interest users and includes useful outbound links. Therefore, the pages that such a resource links to are also considered high-quality. 

According to the updated algorithm, the distribution of positions in the search based on links occurs in several stages:

  • The system receives a certain number of pages open for indexing
  • The system is aware of the pages with the highest level of trust
  • The system calculates how far the analyzed pages are from the most reputable ones (by outbound links)
  • The system determines the positions in the search, placing above those pages that are closer to the most authoritative by clicks.

The new formula works faster because it does not evaluate all link relationships in aggregate. Although the original PageRank patent expired in 2018, the algorithm is still used by Google when ranking sites. On Twitter, Google analyst John Mueller expressed an authoritative opinion, saying that they use PageRank “among many other signals.”

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What affects PageRank?

The PageRank score is influenced by various factors:

  1. The number of links.
  2. Reference attributes.
  3. Anchor texts.
  4. The probability of clicking on the link.

Now let’s figure out how to correctly build your link profile in order to signal to search engines about the high quality and usefulness of the site’s pages. – International backlinks store

Principles of getting backlinks

Although the PageRank algorithm has been modified, its essence has remained unchanged since 1998: backlinks work as votes in favor of pages and help search engines determine credibility. But external links leading to a particular page add weight to it under certain conditions:

  1. If they are relevant. Relevance is important in most SEO processes. Search engines will not like it if the link schemes between the pages do not signal, and the semantic connection between them. Let’s just say that if a page with cooking recipes gets a backlink from a page about cars, such a link will not be useful, even if the referring resource is very reputable. 
  2. If they are accompanied by an organic anchor text. Anchor texts spammed with keywords will not be useful, and uninformative ones will be less useful than expanded ones. The anchors should clearly hint at the information that is located on the link.
  3. If the referring sites are reputable enough. To get useful backlinks, you need to check the quality of the referring domain and a specific page, as well as regularly monitor whether the site receives spam links.
  4. If the links are available for search bots. In order to transfer the reference weight, the links must be accessible to crawlers and not closed using any method.
  5. If they don’t lead to pages with server errors. Both the referring page and the one to which the link leads must have a 200 server response code, that is, they must be open for indexing. In the case of redirects (3** codes), not all of them transmit link weight: although Google claims that all redirects transmit PageRank, codes other than 301 may not be able to cope with this task.
  6. If they do not prevent search bots from following the link. As we have already said, the value of nofollow affects the distribution of the reference weight, and the backlink with nofollow is less significant than with follow.
  7. If the links are visible on the page. Hidden links can lead to fines for search engines. Therefore, they need to be highlighted in color or underlined so that they are noticeable, but do not stand out from the overall visual style of the page.

Important: Unlike internal links, external links do not affect the pages on which they are posted. They help search engines establish links between thematically similar resources, but do not directly affect the link weight and position in the search.

Alternative metrics of credibility

PageRank is the first authority metric that has changed the approach to SEO in many ways. This assessment is still relevant for Google, although we do not know exactly how it affects positions. What can be said for sure: relevant links from high-quality sources are definitely useful both for building credibility and for promotion in organic search. Other SEO metrics created to assess credibility are similarly based on the number and quality of backlinks. The credibility metrics created by SEO platforms are based on a link profile.

SE Ranking has its own ratings — Domain Trust and Page Trust, which evaluate the quality of a domain or page based on the number and quality of backlinks and link domains. – International backlinks store
Please pay attention

Bulk backlinks: risks and ways to circumvent them

Thus, although it may not always be the best idea, buying links should be done with caution and only after careful consideration. Yes, buying backlinks is usually considered a violation of search engine rules and can have negative consequences for your SEO efforts.

Quality and relevance

Search engines attach great importance to the quality and relevance of backlinks. Buying backlinks often means getting links from low-quality or irrelevant websites that exist solely for the purpose of selling links. These links are of no real value to users and may damage the reputation and credibility of your website.

Devaluation risk

Search engines are constantly improving their algorithms to combat link manipulation. They use various methods to identify and devalue paid or manipulative links. If search engines discover that you have purchased backlinks, these links may be devalued, making them ineffective in improving your search ranking.

Recommendations for search engines

Search engines such as Google explicitly state that buying or selling links for the purpose of manipulating search rankings is contrary to their rules. This practice is considered a form of link spam and can lead to fines or even the removal of your website from search results.

Unnatural Link Patterns

Search engines have sophisticated algorithms that can detect unnatural link patterns. If a large number of backlinks suddenly appear pointing to your site from unrelated or low-quality sources, this may cause alarm. Such unnatural link profiles can lead to manual penalties or algorithmic downgrades, which will negatively affect your visibility in regular search.

Long—term Sustainability

Building a strong backlink profile is a long-term process that requires sincere efforts to create valuable content and get organic links. Buying backlinks is a shortcut that provides temporary profit, but it is not a sustainable strategy. In the long run, focusing on creating high-quality content, interacting with the target audience, and getting natural backlinks will lead to more sustainable and positive SEO results.

White hat or black hat?

It is important to note that not all link creation services or offers to buy backlinks are shady or spam. There are specialized platforms where buy high quality backlinks are relevant. It is important to exercise caution here and carefully evaluate the reputation and reliability of such resources. We offer paid links in excellent quality with links to significant donor platforms.

Therefore, buying backlinks is generally considered an unethical and risky practice that can damage the SEO effectiveness of your site. It would seem best to focus on organic, white-label link building strategies that prioritize creating valuable content and getting genuine links from reputable sources. At the same time, proper organics and white hat are a very long time. If you want to get a quick promotion, black hat is definitely suitable for you. Experts recommend buying high quality do follow backlinks and forget about the problems with the ranking of the site. – International backlinks store

How to buy links to promote your site yourself?

So, let’s figure out how to buy links correctly in modern realities. Before proceeding directly to the purchase of links to the site, it is necessary to create a certain algorithm of actions:

Then you need to filter by quality using special tools. Use the resulting sample to purchase links for the site. After you have decided on the algorithm of your actions, you can proceed directly to work — optimize the site and choose the best place to buy backlinks.

Choose the articles that you plan to promote, and also do not forget to buy links to the main site

If you are going to use a passage of lorem ipsum, you need to be sure there isn’t anything embarrassing hidden in the middle of text all the lorem ipsum.

You make a schedule for the purchase of links

Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type.

You are forming an anchor list

Many desktop publishing packages and web page editors now use lorem ipsum as their default model text, and a search for ‘lorem ipsum’ will uncover many.

Choose an exchange to buy links or articles with links

Model which looks reasonable. The generated lorem ipsum is therefore always free from repetition, injected humour, or non-characteristic words etc.

We are looking for thematic sites

It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of letraset sheets containing lorem ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing.

Submit requests for backlinks

Making this the first true generator on the internet. It uses a dictionary of over 200 latin words, combined with a handful of model sentence structures.

We are compiling an anchor list

A very important point of the correct purchase of links for website promotion is the formation of an anchor list. Today, Google has become very careful about filtering incoming links to the site. That is why it is extremely important not to spam the anchor list with direct occurrences of keywords. The correct anchor list should be dominated by non-anchor and brand queries, and 15-20% of all anchors should contain keywords.

We usually recommend using links in this proportion:

  1. Benzencore – 65-70%.
  2. Branded – 10-15%.
  3. Anchorage – 10-15%.


Anchorless links are called anchors that do not include keywords (here, here, more details, there, read more, etc.) or links in the form of URLs ( , and so on).

Articles for promotion

Before starting to promote an article with the help of external factors, one of which is the purchase of links, it is necessary to optimize the text on the page. And after the work done, you should start buying links. Otherwise, you will waste your budget, because in modern realities, it will not work to place frankly unoptimized slag in the TOP using only external links.

Purchase schedule and how many links to buy?

It is not necessary and impossible to immediately buy a large number of links to the site, since such actions will look unnatural in the understanding of search engines. Therefore, it is best to make a specific schedule for the purchase of links for a month.

At the same time, it is recommended to gradually increase the number of links purchased. For example, if you bought 3 perpetual links in the first month, then next month you will need to purchase at least 3, preferably 4 or 5. At the same time, it is important to remember that links are bought evenly for the entire site, including for the main page, the heading and the individual pages promoted.

If you purchase links to only one promoted page, it will look unnatural and search engines will quickly punish you with a filter. We recommend that out of five purchased links, 2-3 should be placed on the main page, one on the heading in which the promoted page is located, and 1-2 on the page itself. Also, do not forget to make article backlinks.

Surely you will have a question, how many links to buy per month? In total, it will usually be enough to buy from 3 to 7 links per page that you are promoting. That is, it will take you 3-6 months to properly purchase links for the promoted material. Thanks to this approach, you will have a uniformly increasing reference mass, very similar to the natural one.


Branded means, as the name implies, brand queries. That is, these are queries that associate a resource with any particular word or person to whom this resource belongs. By the way, we believe that it is most important to promote your brand online, although this is the most difficult way to promote. However, if your site is searched for by brand queries, search engines will appreciate this and love your resource very much, raising it above competitors in the search results.


Anchor links are backlinks for my website that link to your platform with a keyword. For example, if you were buying an anchor link to this article, the anchor text would be like this: “how to buy links correctly.”

It is logical that the probability that a person will put a natural link with such an anchor is much lower than if he simply writes “it is well written here about buying links”, where he will hang a link to the word “here”. However, anchor links work well to promote your site for a key query, so it will be much more difficult to effectively promote the page or the entire site without them.

How we work: high-quality service and promotion with backlinks

When choosing donor sites, we pay attention and work through many parameters. – International backlinks store

Domain authority

High-quality donor sites that have a good reputation and credibility in their niche are highly appreciated by search engines. We check this indicator using metrics such as DR (Domain Rating) and X (Yandex Site Quality Index), as well as TF (Trust Flow) and CF (Citation Flow). An assessment of what specific values to set when searching for sites is formed after analyzing the reference profile of competitors. However, there are a number of general recommendations that apply in most cases.

For example, usually sites with an X higher than 10 are considered to be of sufficient quality to place backlinks. DR reflects the authority and strength of the domain, and a score above 10 is also considered good for hosting backlinks. CF and TF evaluate the number and quality of links — you need to strive to ensure that the TF value of the site is higher than CF.

In addition, it is worth noting that each platform has its own scales and methods for calculating these metrics, so the values may vary when using different tools. It is recommended to use metrics as one of the factors when choosing donor sites, but not limited to them.

Traffic and relevance

Choosing donors who attract a significant target audience and have good traffic can bring referral traffic to your site. Moreover, it is important to take into account the relevance of the sites in relation to a niche or topic, so that the backlinks are contextually linked to the content of the promoted resource.

Link building services usually have filters that allow you to select the theme of the donor site. They also usually display traffic information, but there are several specialized services and tools that allow you to evaluate this indicator: for example, SimilarWebAhrefs and SEMrush.

Campaign progress - $840.000
Opened offices - 45

Site backlinks and visibility

We analyze which sites also link to the donor site. If they are of high quality and relevant, this can be a positive indicator for site selection. In addition, we study the visibility of the selected site in search engines. If it has a good rank and high search visibility, this may indicate its quality and reputation.

Elementum phasellus

Search for donor sites

One of the most effective ways to identify potential donor sites for link building is to analyze competitors and their backlinks. This work should be done in stages:

Identification of competitors

Identify the main competitors in your niche or industry. These may be companies or sites with similar topics that offer similar products or services. At the same time, it makes no sense to analyze, for example, aggregators, sites of large networks or large information portals — most likely, their analysis will only interfere with work.

Analysis of backlinks

Use tools like AhrefsSEMrush, or Majestic to explore your competitors’ backlinks. Review the list of incoming backlinks and analyze their quality, credibility and relevance. Also, study the types of links, the ratio of anchor and non-anchor links. Analyze the number of backlinks your competitor receives from each donor site, as well as their quality and variety. This will help you determine which donor sites are most useful and valuable for your link building strategy.

The choice of sites

After the analysis, you will have a list of domains that hosted competitors’ backlinks, with prices and additional parameters. You will only have to choose the appropriate domains and get links through the link building platform or use the outreach method to try to negotiate a backlink on more favorable terms.

Research of reference profiles

Pay attention to the competitors’ link profile and evaluate the average link metrics, such as traffic, subject matter, and trust.

Our Best Backlinks for Link Building

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Link building platforms provide tools for finding donor sites, placing and managing links, simplifying the process of setting them up and building links with other sites. Users can view the available donor sites and select the appropriate ones for posting their links using the filter settings.

This list is not complete. For example, our online store has content linked to geolocation. That is, these are web 2.0 backlinks, you can buy expired domains with backlinks, backlinks uk, high authority backlinks, high pagerank backlinks, a variety of organic backlinks. Wiki backlinks are informative and normally perceived by search engines — agree, Wikipedia is an authoritative source. You can buy 1000 backlinks and any other quantity from us at an attractive price.  

Why buy backlinks from us?

Let’s look in detail at why the site owner considers it necessary to buy backlinks and apply them in practice. Here it is worth highlighting the key aspects of the use of backlinks. There are three parameters of purchase motivation: saving time, getting the desired results quickly and understanding the process. It is worth noting that paid backlinks, developed by qualified marketers taking into account the capriciousness of search engines and in particular Google, work most effectively.  

You save time. The natural set of reference mass is a slow process that can take several months. Sometimes it can take years before the backlink building makes the reference mass in the required volume. You need to create good content that you want to share, maintain social networks and much more. The same results in an accelerated format can be obtained by purchasing quality links. That is, there is less work, more speed, and the results are the same. 

Getting the desired results quickly. Any SEO process takes a long time. To bring a site to the TOP of the search results by region, you need to work with it for 6 months or longer. But with the purchase of backlinks, you can significantly speed up the resource’s entry into the first positions of the issue. Conclusion: the result can be achieved much faster. 

Understanding the process. Let’s just say that a natural set of reference weights or organic traffic does not guarantee 100% of the desired result. You can work hard to create good content, but no one will share it. Buying a backlink is a more understandable and effective solution. 

Which links to buy in 2024

To get high positions in Google search results, pages need backlinks from other sites. This was shown by a study published on Backlinko. It states that the number of domains linking to the page was the factor with the greatest correlation with ranking. However, according to Ahrefs, more than 66% of the pages do not have backlinks pointing to them. This means that companies have many opportunities to improve their ranking by getting more backlinks.

Long content tends to get more backlinks than short articles. Backlinko found that an average of 77.2% more. This may be due to the fact that people are more likely to link to informative articles that are useful to readers.

According to HubSpot, companies that blog receive 97% more backlinks to their site. Although the benefits of SEO are well documented, many companies still underestimate the value of blogging. Besides creating backlinks, blogging can also help improve your site's ranking in organic search. By creating fresh relevant content on a regular basis, you can signal to search engines that your site is active and deserves indexing.

Pages without backlinks are virtually invisible to Google's search algorithm. That's why it's so important to make sure that your pages have high-quality backlinks from reputable websites. This will not only help your pages rank higher in search results, but also bring in more organic traffic overall.

A study conducted by Ahrefs in 2018 examined two million websites and found that the average number of words on a page that is in the TOP 10 results for any given keyword is 1,890 words. The study also showed that 91% of all pages do not receive organic traffic from Google at all, mainly due to the fact that they do not have backlinks. This data tells us that while content is important, it's not as important as backlinks when it comes to ranking on Google.

After examining 920 million web pages, Ahrefs found that as traffic increased, so did the number of referring domains. The data shows a strong correlation between two factors: the more backlinks a page has, the more search traffic it receives from Google. This relationship persists on all pages, regardless of the topic or niche. However, it is important to note that not all backlinks are the same.

Backlinks from low-quality sites can actually do more harm than good. Therefore, when creating links, it is important to focus on quality, not quantity. By buying and using links from reputable websites, you can improve your search engine rankings and attract more traffic to your site.

What to look for when purchasing link building services?

It is important to choose services carefully, because this will affect the promotion of your website

Recommendations of specialists

If you don’t focus on creating backlinks, you’re missing a key part of SEO. But what are backlinks? A backlink is just a link from one site to another. However, not all backlinks are the same. A high-quality backlink should come from a reputable website relevant to your industry or niche. Moreover, the anchor text (the referenced text) should be rich in keywords and optimized for your target audience. You should buy adult backlinks and 2015 backlinks with caution. The first ones may be treated suspiciously by the search engine, the second ones may be overdue.

List of all links

An important factor is the total number of backlinks leading to the site. Having a complete list of backlinks makes it easy to identify the pages that are most referenced. If these are organic links, it means that the site’s audience liked the content and it is worth repeating this experience in other materials. For example, research proves that longreads collect 73% more backlinks than regular short articles. For example, outreach backlinks is a guarantee of the correct display of the platform in search engines.

Quality of donor sites

Two main factors determine the quality of backlinks: the authority of the domain and the age of the backlink. If everything is clear with the age of the link — for Google, the relevance and relevance of information are important — then the concept of domain authority should be discussed separately.

Domain Authority (DA/DR) is an indicator of the reputation of the domain linking to your site. The domain rating practically indicates the level of strength of backlinks. If a site has a high authority, search engines treat it and its links more favorably.

When creating backlinks from a domain with a large DA/DR, this authority is partially transferred to a less reputable domain. Therefore, it is very important to get relevant links from domains whose authority is higher than yours. You should focus on resources with DA/DR 50+, or even better — 65+.

Analysis of the operation of backlinks

Backlink analysis is a kind of SEO version of going to the doctor. You should do this regularly, because this is the only way to identify problems that threaten the site’s ranking in the search engine in time. If you notice a sharp drop in the rating or simply do not see the progress you expected, check the backlinks. Using this analysis, you can also compare the site with competitors and get an idea of the strategies they use. Let’s look at the data that can be collected for analysis, and how they affect the SEO and ranking of the site.

A list of all sites where backlinks are placed

There was a time when site owners tried to manipulate backlinks: they bought domains and created a large number of artificial links to the main resource. But Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving, and such manipulations no longer work. Right now, the number of donor domains linking to your site and the relevance of their subject matter are more important for search engines.

What is the stable dynamics of a backlink profile?

It is important to increase the number of backlinks smoothly, without sudden jumps. If backlinks appear frequently and in large volume, then at best the algorithms of search services may not take them into account when ranking the site, at worst the site will fall under filters and may completely “drop out” of the search results.

But how to choose the optimal speed of building backlinks? There is no single recipe here, the question is purely individual for each resource. The speed of getting new links depends on the trust of the site, traffic and the current link profile. The better these indicators are, the more actively you can work with backlinks.

A lot also depends on the donor sites where the links are placed. The more authoritative and relevant they are to the subject of your resource, the less risk there is of increasing the number of backlinks at their expense.

How to analyze competitors?

What can a comparison of your results with your competitors give you? By comparing the donor sites and their level of credibility, you can understand why competitors are ranked better in the search, and see which domains (according to the DA/DR level) should be targeted.

Analyzing competitors' backlinks allows you to identify content that the audience likes and is more often referenced. You can create similar content on your site, but be careful: most often it is impossible to find out whether these links appeared organically or were purchased on the stock exchange.

There is another parameter that should be monitored by competitors — the speed of getting backlinks. It is better to do this in dynamics. This way you will see how much attention is paid to building a reference profile in a competitor's company, and you will be able to adjust your strategy.

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Interesting points

Imagine that you have already filled your site with useful content and, in particular, placed links to reputable and relevant resources. But this is not all the work with links, because the pages they lead to may change or disappear over time.

Tracking scripts in Google Analytics will help you understand how much traffic you bring to the sites you link to. You can use this data to establish links for link building and writing guest posts. And in Google Tag Manager, you can create triggers and track which outgoing links are opened by visitors to your site.

By the way, geolocation-linked content is often used. For example, we offer:

  • Backlinks india.
  • Backlinks Australia.
  • Backlinks USA.
  • French backlinks.
  • Russian backlinks.
  • Backlinks Canada.
  • African backlinks.
  • Arabic backlinks.

It is also important to regularly check that the external links on the site remain working. Broken links can harm both user convenience and site ranking. If search robots come across a lot of 404 errors, the authority of the resource decreases for search engines. By finding broken outbound links, you can contact the resources and find out what happened to their pages, replace the links with more relevant ones, or simply delete them.

How to implement external links

We have already said that relevance is the main requirement for links to other resources. But there are other rules that will help you use external links to the maximum benefit. First of all, they should serve one of the following purposes:

Where can I not put external links? Certain elements of the site pages cannot have naturally inscribed external links:

  • Any element of navigation: site navigation helps users navigate through its pages, it will rarely be advisable to link to external resources here. Internal linking plays a key role in navigation.
  • Elements hidden from users: hiding a link or part of it using CSS is negatively perceived by search engines.
  • Headings and opening sentences: Adding a link to a title or starting a paragraph with a link is not the best solution.
  • Landing pages: when advertising a product or service, you probably don’t want something to take visitors to other sites. You can only use resources like B2B platforms with ratings (like Clutch) – which contain important information about your site.

Please note that incorrect embedding of external links can harm the promotion of the site. Subsequently, you will have to review the entire optimization process and buy new links. Are you willing to bear the additional costs? If not, then follow the recommendations in this article and contact trusted online stores. You can choose and buy backlinks correctly from us.

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Nowadays, the quality of backlinks to a site is much more important than their quantity.

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It is very important that backlinks are contextually embedded in the text

Signal useful sources on the topic

Live topical traffic from your backlinks makes your site more authoritative

Tips from SEO specialists

In everything related to links, the aspect of quantitative balance is important. There is no specific answer to the question: How many external links are too many?, because the most important thing is how naturally the links fit into the text and whether they add value to it.

Even a study of the ideal number of external links to a page does not provide an accurate answer. A link was found between the number of links and the position of the page in the search with a median of 19, but it was not precisely established that these links helped the pages to get to the TOP.

In any case, it is not very reasonable to put more than 50 links to a standard-sized article. Add as many external links as the user can perceive by reading or scrolling through the material. And choose the most relevant content, for example: Reddit backlinks, Pagerank backlinks, Wikipedia backlinks, Exploit backlinks, social media backlinks, YouTube backlinks, Amazon backlinks, cryptocurrency backlinks, backlinks 2015.

To summarize: why I should buy backlinks

So, you’ve been thinking: do I need to buy backlinks if other methods of ranking sites are working well now? It is obvious that the progress and prospects of SEO promotion are constantly being improved. However, it is today that buying links is relevant and continues to work. This article describes the main points that answer you: buying links is needed as soon as possible. Contact specialists in the field of forming the right links, take into account geolocation, the credibility of donor sites and do not forget about the effectiveness of combining with other methods. Choose the right backlinks guide to raise sites to the TOP.